What To Do With Employees Who Don’t Properly Manage Their Time

Are you a business owner?  If you are, there is a good chance that you have employees in your staff who do not now how to manage their time.  What do you do with these employees?  If you are unsure as to how you should proceed, please continue reading on.

First, it is important to do something.  The last thing that you will want to do is let an employee who has bad time management fly under the radar.  Many business owners do not think about this at the time, but there are a serious consequences for not calling out poor performing workers.

One of the many consequences to allowing one of your employees to keep on wasting their time and yours, is that others are likely to follow suit.  Even some of your best performing employees are likely to waste time socially or by surfing the internet when they see that others are able to do the same and get away with it.

Your business profits will also likely be put at risk.  When an employee spends too much time surfing the internet or wasting time in general, it will likely take much longer for you to get projects completed.  This can have an impact on your business profits.  For example, you may later end up paying your employee overtime to complete a task that they should have finished during normal work hours.

If your business deals directly with the general public, an employee who does not know how to mange their time can also have a negative impact on your company’s public perception.  Deadlines should not be missed, but proper time management is vital when working with clients.  Did you agree to have forms drawn up on time for a client of yours?  If you did, they should be ready when expected.  If not, your client may look elsewhere.  Also, places that have employees just hanging around the office and socializing tends to look unprofessional in nature.

So, you now know the consequences of letting an employee with poor time management slide, but what should you do?

It is important to bring a lack of time management to the attention of your employee or employees.  Let them know that wasting time on the clock is not acceptable, especially when there are other tasks or projects that they could be working on.  Clearly state that socializing is for break times only.

Next, be sure not to let the same behavior continue.  Workers who have been warned about wasting their time and the time of the company should not have any excuse for doing so.  Give one more final warning before taking evasive action.  This action may include terminating your employee’s position with the company.

Despite the fact that termination is an option, you may have what you believe to be an otherwise good employee.  If that is the case, you may want to opt for time management training.  This can be done yourself or with the services of a third party.  In fact, if you have a large number of employees who seem to not know how to manage their time, you may want to opt for company wide training.

Should you decide to host your own time management training seminar, as opposed to using outside help, be sure to share tips with your employees, outline the importance of making good use of their time at the workplace, as well as the consequences of not doing so.  This leaves no room for exceptions and you should see a significant improvement in productivity in your workplace.

As a recap, if you are a business owner or even just an office manager, it is important to make sure that all of your employees are working to the best of their ability.  Your company and your own personal reputation may end up taking the fall for those who do not perform to the best of their ability.

Time Management Training: What It Entails

Are you an office manager or a business owner?  If you are, you must know the importance of time management in the office.  Did you know that when your employees don’t know how to manage their time, they likely end up costing your company money?  Whether you are a business owner or an office manager, you do not want to see this happen.

When it comes to poor time management at the office, there are many office managers and business managers who choose to provide their employees with time management training.  If this sounds like a good idea to you, you may be looking for more information.  You may be curious as to exactly what time management training its, how it works, and what your staff members will learn.  If these are all questions that you have, you will want to continue reading on.

When understanding time management training, it is important to remember that it does come in a number of different formats.  For example, most companies choose to hire outside specialists.  These are individuals or teams of individuals who come in and teach staff members the importance of proper time management, as well as share tips on how to get the most done through the day.  A good example of this is by showing or helping your staff members get their office desks better organized.  This is key, as organization and time management go hand in hand.

As nice as it is to hire outside help from professional office organizers and time management specialists, the cost of doing so may be a put off for you.  If it is, you may be able to host your own time management training sessions.  Doing so is actually a lot easier than you may originally think.  In fact, many business owners and office managers like this approach as it gives them complete control over what their staff members learn.

Speaking of what your staff members will likely learn in time management training, it will vary.  As previously stated, you can hire outside help or you can perform your own training sessions.  Regardless of which approach you do take, there are some things that you will want to make sure that your staff members know.  First, make sure that you not only tell them the importance of properly managing their time at the office, but show them ways that they can improve the use of their time.  These ways may involve keeping a clean and organized office desk, completing a to do list each morning, and so forth.

It is also important that you outline the consequences for employees who continue to waste company time.  After time management training as has been offered to all employees, there is no reason why employees should be seen standing around, socializing with each other, or using an office computer for personal use.  State that these things are okay for break time, but not during normal work hours.  You may want to go as far to show your staff members just how much their wasted time is costing the company.  Let them know that additional warnings may come, with termination being a possibility.

As a reminder, time management training is not required by many means, but you may find it a relatively easy and effective approach, especially when compared to terminating and rehiring new employees.

Time Management Tips for Students

Are you a high school or college student who finds it difficult to manage your time?  If you are, there are a number of steps that you will want to take to improve your time management.  After all, having poor time management in school can have a number of serious consequences, including poor grades.

When looking to improve your time management, it is important to know that there are a number of tools that you can use to your advantage.  As a student, you likely have a computer and a cell phone.  Many already come equipped with time management programs that you just need to start using.  These programs can include calendar alert programs where a special message will appear on your screen or you will receive an email or a text message.  A standard internet search can also help you find and buy additional programs that can be installed on your computer or even your cell phone.

Another time management tip for students, like yourself, is to stay organized.  Organization is key to staying on task and focused.  If your school locker or desk is messy or cluttered, you will likely end up wasting a considerable amount of time.  For many students, a considerable amount of time is wasted looking for lost or misplaced items, like books or homework assignments.  If your locker, home desk or dorm room desk is not clean and clutter free, take a few minutes to get organized.

Another easy and effective way for you and other students to better manage their time is to prioritize.  When doing so, it is important to take a close look at what you have to do.  For example, what homework assignments, study sessions, and so forth need to be completed first?  Simply just creating a to do list isn’t enough for many students.  By determining ahead of time which tasks are of more importance, you are better likely to manage your time and produce the best results.

One of the many reasons why high school and college students have poor time management is because they find it easy to get distracted.  If you find it easy for you to get distracted, it is important to examine the source of your problems.  For example, do you end up surfing the internet when using your computer?  If you try to watch television when doing homework or studying, do you find that most of your focus is placed on the television?  If you do, action should be taken.  Temporarily disconnect the internet from your computer or turn off your television.

It is also important to be flexible.  If you are an individual who hates change or the unexpected, you need to get use to it.  Even those who have good time management skills and those who rely on the use of schedules are often presented with unexpected events, an example of this being coming down with a cold.  That is why it is always important to leave “wiggle room,” for yourself.  Set aside a little bit of extra time each day to do with as you please.  Whether you use that time to finish a project, study, or socialize with friends, it is important to have it.

As nice as it is to know that you should be able to effectively manage your time as a high school or college student, it is also important to know the consequences of not doing so.  As previously stated, poor time management may translate into poor grades.  If you do not know how to properly manage your time, you may find yourself not studying properly or you may be unable to complete important assignments before they are due.  From the standpoint of a student, proper time management may also help to eliminate stressful late night study sessions.

As highlighted above, there are a number of steps that you can take to improve your time management.  As a student, it is extremely important that you know how to effectively use your time.

The Importance of Teaching Your Children About Time Management

Are you a parent?  If you are, do you know the importance of properly managing your time?  Since you have the responsibly of working, getting your children clothed for the day, and sending them off to school or daycare, there is a good chance that you know the importance of time management alto well.  But, do your children know?  If not, you should teach them.

As for why you should teach your children about time management, namely the importance of it and how to achieve, you will find that there are a number of benefits to doing so.  A few of those benefits are highlighted below for your convenience.

For starters, it is important to know that time management is a lifelong lesson.  It is one that your children will need to learn anyways, so why not get them started now?  A head start on important life lessons can never hurt a child.  In fact, poor time management, especially at the high school and college level can hinder your children’s ability to get a good job and make a good living.

Another one of the many reasons why you are encouraged to teach your children about time management, as well as share time managing tips with your child is because it is easy to do so.  One of the best ways to teach your children how to properly manage their time is to set a good example.  For instance, before leaving for an important event, show your children the clock and tell them what time you need to be ready to leave by.  When you are ready to leave, be sure to make note of the time.  If you and your family are able to beat that time, be sure to congratulate and praise your children, especially those that are young in age.

As sited as an example above, setting goals to be ready to leave the house by is a good way to teach your children about management.  A fun approach for younger children is to rely on a kitchen timer.  You can make a time management game out of brushing teeth, cleaning up a room, and so forth.  This is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers.  In addition to showing by example, it is also important to talk to your children about time management.  Around the ages of eight to ten, children are better able to understand the consequences of running late.  These consequences may involve missing a fun activity.

Another reason why you should talk to your children about time management and share important tips with them is because there are a number of benefits to doing so.  These benefits are ones that will help your child for years to come.

At the elementary school, high school, and college levels, having a good sense of time can help your children get better grades.  When in high school and in college, your children will have more freedom, in terms of studying and completing homework assignments.  Those who have a poor sense of time and those who do not know how to manage their time are likely to get poor grades on tests and homework assignments.

Another one of the many benefits to teaching your child how to improve their time is that you can receive some additional help at home.  As parent, you should be relying on your children, especially teenagers to complete small tasks.  These tasks should depend on their age.  For example, toddlers and preschoolers should be able to clean their rooms and teenagers can help with laundry or dishes.  These important skills are all skills that children should learn anyways, so why not turn them into time management lessons?

Since there are a number of benefits to educating your child on the importance of time management, you are advised to do so right away.  As a reminder, toddlers and preschoolers, although young, can still benefit from a few important lessons.

The Importance of Personal Time Management

Are you an individual who knows how to make good use of your time?  If you are not, you may want to learn ways to make improvements.  This is because time management can have a negative impact on your personal life.  Unfortunately, many individuals only believe that poor time management hurts those in the workplace, but this isn’t the case.  In fact, there are a number of ways that your personal life can suffer from poor time management.

If you do not know how to manage your time, there is a good chance that you will be stressed out.  You may also feel a wide range of other emotions, including anger, frustration, and fear.  With that said, if you know how to properly manage time you are more likely to live a happy, healthy, productive, and stress free life.

Although we often associate poor time management with missed deadlines and showing up late to work, it is important to remember that the same can be said with your social life.  Do you have friends?  How much do you stay in contact with them?  How often do you get together for coffee or lunch?  If you do, do you show up for your meetings with friends late or do you forget to make regular contact with them?  If you do, you may end up putting your friendships at risk.

In addition to having a negative impact on your friendships, poor time management may also have an impact on your relationship.  To have a healthy and happy relationship, time management is important. You need to know how much time you should devote to your spouse, as opposed to spending it working, watching television, or hanging out with friends.  Time management is also important as you want to make sure that you arrive home or at dates on time.

If you are a parent, having poor time management may also impact the relationship that you have with your children.  When you are a parent, you have responsibilities to your children.  The most common of these responsibilities is to feed and clothe your children.  Depending on their ages, you may also be reasonable for getting them ready and sent off to school or daycare.  If you do not have proper sense of time or if you do just choose not to use your time wisely, you can end up hurting your children, like by making them late to school or other important events.  All individuals are encouraged to have good sense of time, but it is vital for parents.

In keeping with being a parent, if you are a parent, poor use of your time also sets bad examples for your children.  Whether your children are teenagers, toddlers, or elementary school aged, they will likely make note of your behaviors.  If you want your children to get good grades at school and later get good jobs, it is important that you teach them all about time management and its importance.  One of the best ways to do so is by setting a good example for your children.  The good news is that this is a lot easier than it sounds.  You can set a good example for your children by getting ready for work in the morning on time or by arriving at scheduled events on time.

Another one of the many ways that having a poor sense of time management can hurt you is with your credit.  Those who have poor time management also often have poor credit.  This is because those who are unable to properly manage their time often pay their bills late.  With credit cards, this can result in expensive minimum payments that just cannot be paid.  By knowing when all of your bills are due, you are likely to have better credit, but time management is important.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that poor time management can negatively impact your personal life.  For that reason, take steps to make sure it doesn’t impact yours.

Successful Time Management Techniques

Are you an individual who finds it difficult to manage your time at work or at home or at both places? If you are, you may be looking for information on how you can make better use of your time. You will likely be pleased with all of your options, as there are a number of different steps that you can take. A few successful time management techniques that have worked for others, just like you, are touched on below.

One of the most successful time management techniques is that of goal setting. Goals provide many with an important source of needed motivation, as they give you something to specifically aim for. Whether you set a long-term goal, such as improving the management of your time in general, or a short-term goal, such as showing up for work on time, goals are important. However, make sure that the time management goals you do set for yourself are realistic.

Creating daily to do lists is another one of the many ways that you can go about making better use of your time. In fact, after time has passed, you may not even need to use a daily to do list. For the time being, a to do list can help make sure that you stay focused and on task. It can also help create a new routine for yourself, one where you are better aware of your time and what must be done.

In addition to creating a simple to do list, you are also urged to prioritize. In fact, prioritizing combined with daily to do lists is the best form of time management. Whether your to do list is for the home or work, take a close look at all of the tasks you need to complete. Which tasks are more important? To reduce stress, add those with the most urgency to the top of your to do list.

Another successful time management technique is one that is very easy, but many people have a hard time doing it. This time management technique is just saying no. It is important to remember that there are only a limited number of hours in the day. No matter how much time and effort you put into staying focused and on task, there are still some things that you may not get accomplished. That is why you should never take on more than you reasonably believe that you can handle.

If you do find yourself saying yes to completing an extra project at work or taking on too many responsibilities at home, it is important to remember that you can ask for help. In fact, knowing when to ask for help is an important component of time management. You can ask your friends, children, or romantic partner for help around the house. You may also want to call upon the services of a professional housecleaner. In the workplace, consider outsourcing your work to another employee, if you are able to do so without getting into trouble.

Staying organized is another easy, yet effective and successful time management technique. In fact, did you know that time management and organization go hand in hand? They do. If you are organized, you will spend less time searching for lost or misplaced items or other important work documents. The more organized you are at both home and work, the easier it will be for you to manage your time.

How to Buy Time Management Software

Are you a business owner?  If you are, do you currently use time management software as a way help your business run smoothly?  If you do not, it is a software that you will want to examine.  As a business owner, you need to know just how much money is lost due to unproductive employees.  You also need to know that there are ways for you to make office wide changes that will promote proper time management.

Before focusing on how you can buy time management software, as well as why you should, it is first important to note what it is.  Time management software is just like what it sounds.  It is a computer program that can help an individual or a company make better use of their time.  The features that a program has will vary, but common features include automated updates and reminders on important, upcoming deadlines, the ability to send office wide notices, and much more.

As for the benefits of buying time management software to use in your workplace, you may find that doing so allows you to save money.  When you require that your employees use the time management software program installed on their computers, you will likely see that they stay focused more, stay on tasked more, and produce better results more often.  For starters, many individuals work better when they know that they are being monitored.  Next, having information and reminders on upcoming deadlines leaves little room for excuses, especially time after time.

As for how you can go about buying time management software for your office, you may be interested in shopping locally.  When doing so, there are a number of retail stores, including office supply stores and media stores that sell time management software.  Shopping locally is convenient, but your selection of software programs may be limited.  For that reason, you may also want to consider shopping online.

Speaking of shopping online, there are a number of ways that you can go about finding time management software online.  First, you can order the software in CD format.  This is just like what you would buy locally; however, the internet tends to give you the largest selection of programs to choose from, as well as the best prices.  With that said, be sure to remember that not all programs are the same.  Visit a website, like Amazon.com and read product reviews before making your purchase.

In keeping with using the internet to help you find and buy time management software, there are also websites that sell downloadable programs.  This means that you are able to purchase and install the programs immediately.  This is nice for many business owners as they don’t have to wait and they can start reaping the benefits of improved productivity right away.  Typically, as soon as your payment is proceed, you should get a file to download and install on your computer.

It is also important know that there are a number of time management software programs that you can find and download online free of charge.  These programs are nice to use, but they sometimes lack features.  They are different, however, from free trial periods.  In fact, if you are able to find a time management software program with a free trial period, give the program a try, as you should have nothing to lose.  Back to free time management software programs, if you are a business owner who is seriously looking to reduce wasted time in the office, you should consider investing in professional software programs that are loaded with features.

As a recap, if you are a business owner who runs an office setting, you may be able to benefit from the use of time management software.  If that is the case, please use the above mentioned approaches to find and buy a software program for your office.  The sooner you get started, the sooner you will be able to see an improvement in office productivity for your company.

How and Why You Should Play Time Management Games

Have you heard of time management games before?  If you are an avid internet user, you may have.  Unfortunately, many individuals make the mistake of assuming that time management games are just for fun.  Some actually go as far to say that time management games are a waste of time.  Yes, they can be in some instances, but did you also know that time management games may be able help you practice managing your time?

Before focusing on the benefits of time management games, namely why you should play them, it is first important to understand what they are.  If you perform a standard internet search with the phrase “time management games,” you will likely get a number of different results.  This is because time management games are used to describe a wide range of different games.  They often have different themes, including fishing, basketball, shopping, and so much more.  The only difference between traditional computer games and time management games is that you are limited on the amount of time that you have to complete the game.

As for how you can find time management games, you will find that you have a number of different options.  As previously stated, you can perform a standard internet search.  When
doing so, you will likely find websites that allow you to play games online, often free of
charge.  There are also software programs that you can purchase for time management games.

These programs are available for download online or else you can purchase a software program to install on your computer from a local or online retailer.

As for why you should play time management games, there a number of different reasons.  One of those reasons being that they are easy to find.  As previously stated, a large number of free time management games can be found online with a standard internet search.  Should you wish to purchase your own software, you can, but it is not required.  The ability to easy find and play time management games gives you little reason not to.

Also, as previously stated, time management games come in a number of different formats. You can play sports games, traditional arcade games and so much more.  No matter what type of games you like to play or what your favorite hobbies are, you should have a number of different games to choose from, especially when you use the internet.  In fact, did you know that there are even time management games out there for children?

Perhaps, the greatest reason why you should play time management games is because they can help you learn to make better use of your time.  Unfortunately, this is an important point that many individuals do not necessarily think of.  For example, some games have you eliminate screens of blocks by clicking on groups of blocks that are the same color.  Many associated these types of games with fun activities, but they can also teach you to think quick on your feet.  This can later benefit you in the workplace, as well as at home.

Another reason why time management games should be played is because they are fun.  Since you do have a number of different time management games to choose from, you can find the game or games that best fit you and your personality.  Although you will be working to make better use of your time, you will also be having fun.  Learning how to manage your time is important, but it shouldn’t seem like work.

As you can see, playing time management games are more than just about having fun or even wasting time.  They are a fun tool that can be used to help you better manage your time. To see if time management games are right for you or if they can really help you better manage your time, see what free games are available for playing online today.

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Helpful Time Management Tools

Would you like to improve your time management?  If you find yourself easily distracted, missing important deadlines, or showing up to important events late, improving your time management may be a good idea.  Unfortunately, many individuals do not realize just how much trouble poor time management can cause them.

When it comes to improving time management, many individuals are surprised with all of the options that they have.  One of those options is using time management tools to your advantage.  If this sounds like an approach that you would like to take, please continue reading on.  A number of helpful and successful time management tools that you can benefit from using are outlined below for your convenience.

An alarm clock is a simple, yet effective time management tool that you can and should use.  What is nice about alarm clocks, is that most of us already have them in our homes.  Be sure to set your alarm clock to get up in the morning.  Consider resetting it five minutes before you must walk out to door to work, set it for when you want to start preparing dinner, and so forth.  Although we often associate alarm clocks with getting up in the morning, they can actually be used for so much more.

A task list, also commonly referred to as a to do list, is another time management tool that you can and should use to your advantage.  What nice about task lists is that they are free and easy to do.  All you need is a piece of a paper and pencil.  Outlining everything that you must do for the day is a great way to make sure that you stay focused and on task, which is an important component of managing your time.  If you must, keep separate lists for home and work.

Daily, weekly, and monthly planners are other time management tools that can be used.  The type of planner that you will use will all depend on your own personal preferences.  With that said, many individuals prefer daily planners better, as they often leave more space to create a to do list or at least a spot to write down important dates and times.  If you do use a daily, weekly, or monthly planner, be sure to keep it with you at all times.

Calendar alert programs are other time management tools that come highly rated and recommended. Calendar alert programs are so much more than just a traditional wall calendar.  For the most part, these time management alert tools are found on computers and cell phones.  What you will need to do is enter in an important date and time.  When that date and time arrives, you should receive a message on your computer screen or cell phone screen.  Text message and emails may also be sent.  These types of programs are often used to remember birthdays, but they can be used on a wide range of other events, projects, and activities.

Finally, another tool that you will want to consider using is that of a time management training seminar.  In addition to attending a physical class, you may be able to purchase a seminar in video format.  Although some individuals do not consider receiving training a tool, it is an important tool.  There are professionals out there who can share time management tips with you, as well as help you improve your organizational skills.

8 Simple Steps to Improve Your Time Management

Are you an individual who can’t seem to properly manage your time? If you are having problems at home or at work, there is a good chance that your problems may be caused by your inability to properly manage your time. The good news, however, is that there are a number of steps that you can take to improve your time management. In fact, 8 simple steps that you can take are highlighted below.

1 – Know That You Have a Problem

Knowing that you have a time management problem is the first step in changing your behavior. Although it is typical to be late for work or a social event on occasion, it is something that should not be happening on a daily or a weekly basis. If it is, it is time for you to realize that you may have a problem.

2 – Decide To Change

Knowing that you have a time management problem is important, but wanting to change is even more important. You need to set goals for yourself, as these goals can help to provide you with a source of motivation. Sample goals include showing up to work on time for a whole month, being on time for all dinner dates, and so forth.

3 – Stick To Your Goals

Creating a number of time management goals for you to meet is advised, but it is important that you don’t give up right away or when you are faced with complications. Setting goals simply just isn’t enough, you need to stick with them.

4 – Create Daily Task Lists

Creating a to do list for yourself is an easy way to properly manage your time. In fact, it is one of the easiest approaches that you can take. Outline what you need to do throughout the day. Be sure to list your tasks in order of importance.

5 – Rely On Time Management Tools

Properly managing your time is important, but it can be hard for many individuals to get use to, especially right away. If you are one of those individuals, you will want to consider using time management tools to your advantage. In fact, did you know that many cell phones and computers come with alarm clocks, alerts, and so much more?

6 – Learn How To Say No

In all honesty, there are times where you may not be able to refuse a project at work or a task at home, but try to not take on more than you can accomplish. If you must, look into using outside help. In the home, this outside help can come from a housecleaner. At the workplace, this outside help can come from a coworker.

7 – Get Organized

Organization is key to being able to properly manage your time. If you are unorganized, you are likely to waste a large amount of time. For example, in the workplace you can waste time by searching for lost or misplaced documents. The same can be said for the home; if you are unorganized, you can spend hours searching for your glasses or car keys.

8 – Consider Hiring Professional Help

As previously stated, if you are overwhelmed at home, you may want to call on a professional housecleaner. In addition to taking this approach, there are other professionals that you can target. There are individuals and companies who specialize in teaching others how to effectively manage their time and stay organized.