Stress and Brain Development: Making the Two Work Together

Stress is one of the major causes of heart disease, insomnia, depression and all other similar problems.  Stress is commonly seen in overworked professionals.  When someone is under stress, the body releases a dangerous hormone called the cortisol which works to suppress the immune system.  This is the reason why a person under a lot of stress is vulnerable to bacteria and several viruses that cause flu, headaches, and even heart attacks in worse cases.

Unknown to most people, the right side of the brain gets shut down when a person is under stress.  This is the part of the brain that is responsible for our emotions.  Basically, it is part of the brain that makes for the creative “you”.  That is the reason why artists do not work while under stress because they feel that they are not creative enough to start a project. On the other hand, the left brain, which provides for logical thinking, also gets affected by stress.  As a result, a person gets fixated on the smallest details rather than looking at things from a bigger picture. The ability to learn new things gets shut down when a person is under stress.  The reason for this is because the brain cannot store information in its long term memory. The two parts of the brain that is responsible for learning gets interfered and the brain cells that communicate information is blocked.

On the other hand, studies have shown that a little bit of stress is good because it enhances the brain’s concentration and makes the person focus on the task at hand.  This is why most people perform well, if not better, when they are under stress because the body is merely reacting to stress.  In short, there should be a balance between stress that is good and the one that is bad.  This means that stress in small doses actually help but if it gets out of hand, it is time to lay low and relax.  The more persistent a person is, the higher the stress level gets and this will surely lead to some health conditions.

To battle stress, researches dictate that a person must undergo meditation and calming exercises.  Yoga is another technique worth looking into because it is known to exercise both mind and body while at the same time energizing it.  Together with these, a person has to have a regular, healthy diet to be in check.

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